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The Childbloom Guitar Program of Boise

Are you looking for a fun, yet challenging guitar program for your child?  The Childbloom Guitar Program teaches life-long fundamental music skills in a positive and low pressure environment. 

A child’s early experiences with music can help shape his or her approach to future challenges and opportunities.  The Childbloom program encourages development of diligent practice habits, listening skills, persistence and team work through ensemble playing.

We take music education seriously. Begun in 1980, the Childbloom Program is one of the longest running guitar programs for children in the world.  That is why we know that parents must be involved in their child’s musical growth. We want a parent to be present in the lesson with the child. You need to know the details of what the child is learning, the goals for the week, the technical aspects that the child can’t see from his or her viewpoint and help encourage practice in an effective way.  The quality of that involvement will change as the child matures but parental involvement has been a key ingredient to the success of the students in our program from age 5 -18. This is the the highest cost – YOUR time and attention. It will  will provide the greatest value to your child.

The Curriculum 

The Childbloom Guitar Program is a comprehensive music education program developed in 1980 by Kevin Taylor, of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. It is currently being used by educators around the country and is the largest program of its kind in the United States. Incorporating a well developed, innovative approach in a positive, low-pressure environment, we help build the foundation for a lifetime of confident involvement in music and the arts. 

Through a researched and proven method, students are able to play music quickly and successfully.  “We want to give the  kids a learning victory in the first few lessons,” says Taylor.  “They don’t want to wait to play music.  Can you blame them?”

The Childbloom curriculum and group structure allows the student to gain both solo and ensemble skills.  The curriculum has been carefully developed, employing an understanding of the science of modern child development. Traditional classical guitar technique is taught, using the fingers of the right hand rather than a pick.

Much of the music is arranged in multiple parts, necessitating that the students learn listening and blending skills, and confident independence. We prepare students to continue in classical education as their skills progress, or use their reading and ensemble skills to branch out confidently to play other styles of music.  Public performances are encouraged, though not required. 


Imagine your child being skilled in playing the guitar as demonstrated by the Boise students below:

Award winning Avalon Z. plays ”The Answer” on her guitar. This piece was the winning entry for the Triplet Contest, sponsored by the Childbloom Guitar Program.

Avalon plays the Answer from Kelli Larson on Vimeo.


2013 Ensemble Contest winners sponsored by the Childbloom Guitar Program

Boise Bella Corda – Cuatros Milpas from Kelli Larson on Vimeo.

Boise Bella Corda – Shennandoah from Kelli Larson on Vimeo.


Many of the Childbloom Guitar Programs involve their students in performance groups that regularly play in the community. Childbloom groups throughout the country regularly perform for hospitals, retirement centers, schools, libraries and offices. Wouldn’t you like your children to make this valuable outreach part of their lives? This is part of the Childbloom spirit. Come join us!